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Another e-book titled “Devil Survivor 2 The Animation: Creator Works” was printed by Pony Canyon in Japan on August 9, 2013. This e book contained broad interviews from most of the animation staff, including images and a behind-the-scene look at the animation course of and on the Devil Survivor https://hanime.su/ 2 world. On June 19, 2013, Pony Canyon started releasing the collection on Blu-ray and DVD volumes in Japan-with the primary volume together with the first episode and a bonus CD featuring the first Original Soundtrack for the collection. The seventh and modernbookmarks.com final DVD and Blu-ray volume was released on December 18, 2013 while all Limited Edition volumes had been distributed with a bonus poster that includes characters from the series.

Usagi The next volumes every contained two episodes with all but the fifth and sixth volumes containing bonus discs of which included a three volume Drama CD collection. A seasonal overview column on the Anime News Network known as The Stream usually made light remarks of the primary four episodes. There’s a homicide at the top, but the buildup is so bloody obvious from inside the primary minute that there’s going to be one which it is not surprising at all. Devil Survivor 2: The Animation makes use of three pieces of theme music: one opening theme, one closing theme and one insert track. Other workers members included Assistant Director Yoshimichi Hirai, Animation Designer Eriko Ito, Composite Director Katsufumi Sato, CG Director Yuji Koshida and Ayumu Takahashi as the series Editor and Producer Yasuo Suda.

The editor gave the collection props for not dabbling in the destruction porn happening since all of the widespread dying round Japan is implied, but added that showing a few of it might have aided the realism of the story. Written by Bamboo Dong, the editor referred to as the collection mindlessly fun; jokingly citing how the cell phones are always pointed instantly on the demons as in the event that they can be incapable of preventing if it had been otherwise. The thirteen-episode sequence premiered on the Animeism programming block of MBS on April 4, 2013 during the 26:05 (02:05 JST) time slot. The first episode earned an audience approval score of 1.4% in Osaka’s Kansai area and 1.9% in Tokyo’s Kantō area during its premiere on April four and 5 in these regions respectively.

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