Cardiac Holter Monitor Market, Size, Global Forecast 2023-2030

Renub Research has recently released a report titled ” Cardiac Holter Monitor Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2023-2030,” providing a detailed industry analysis that includes market share insights. The report comprises competitor and regional research and contemporary Cardiac Holter Monitor Market advancements.

Cardiac Holter Monitor Market will experience a CAGR of 5.71% from 2023 to 2030. A Holter monitor is a tiny, wearable device that measures the heart’s beat. It determines if a person is in danger of an irregular heartbeat (arrhythmias). A Holter monitor test performed if a standard electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) does not offer adequate heart state information. If the irregular heartbeats are intermittent, an event recorder and a longer-term monitor may be required. Cardiac Holter tracking is a non-invasive and easy-to-perform test. Also, it is painless. This device and the sensors and cables can be hidden underneath clothes.

The increasing prevalence of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) is expected to propel the growth of the global Holter monitoring systems market over the upcoming years. The rising geriatric population is also likely to aid in market growth. For instance, according to the WHO, the older population is predicted to grow from 900 Million in 2015 to 2 Billion by 2050. Globally, a rise in the occurrence of heart blockages and arrests has been seen as a result of rapid urbanization, stressful work schedules, and increased intake of fast food. This has boosted demand for technologically improved gadgets that aid in the correct diagnosis of health concerns.

Furthermore, governments in several nations are sponsoring efforts to raise public knowledge of cardiovascular illnesses, their prevention, and treatment. Again, a substantial movement among individuals toward minimally invasive diagnostic devices and preventative healthcare technologies is bolstering the global cardiac Holter monitor market growth. Manufacturers are responding by creating new and compact goods that provide more convenience.


Patients with constrained financial resources or limited technological familiarity prefer 1-channel cardiac Holter monitors.

Individuals with financial constraints or limited technological familiarity often gravitate towards 1-channel cardiac Holter monitors. These simplified devices offer cost-effective solutions for continuous heart monitoring without the complexity of advanced features. Particularly appealing to those seeking affordability and user-friendly operation, 1-channel Holter monitors provide a practical option for individuals who may find more sophisticated cardiac monitoring systems financially burdensome or challenging to navigate. This preference aligns with the growing need for accessible healthcare technologies, ensuring that individuals from diverse backgrounds can still benefit from essential cardiac monitoring without compromising financial considerations or technological comfort.

Products – Global Cardiac Holter Monitor Market Breakup from 8 Viewpoints:

1.   1-channel

2.   2-channel

3.   3-channel

4.   12-channel

5.    Others

Growing demand for wireless Holter monitors due to convenience, precision, and efficient data transmission is reshaping the cardiac monitor market

The cardiac monitor market is transforming as the demand for wireless Holter monitors rises—their unmatched convenience fuels this surge in popularity, precise monitoring capabilities, and efficient data transmission. Offering patients, a tangle-free experience while ensuring accurate cardiac data collection, these monitors reshape how heart health is monitored. The wireless technology enhances user comfort and contributes to a more seamless integration of continuous monitoring into patients’ lives. This evolving trend reflects a broader paradigm shift towards advanced, patient-centric solutions in the dynamic landscape of cardiac monitoring technologies.

Components – Global Cardiac Holter Monitor Market Breakup from 8 Viewpoints:

1.    Wired Holter monitor

2.    Wireless Holter monitor

3.    Holter analysis systems & software

Hospitals primarily lead the global market for cardiac Holter monitors

Hospitals are pivotal in steering the global market for cardiac Holter monitors. As key adopters of advanced medical technologies, they significantly influence market dynamics. The demand for Holter monitors, vital for continuous heart monitoring, is prominently driven by hospitals’ commitment to delivering comprehensive patient care. With a focus on accurate diagnosis and timely interventions, hospitals leverage these monitors to enhance cardiac monitoring capabilities. Their widespread adoption underscores the critical role hospitals play in shaping the trajectory of the global cardiac Holter monitor market, emphasizing the pivotal importance of these devices in contemporary healthcare settings.

End-Use – Global Cardiac Holter Monitor Market Breakup from 8 Viewpoints:

1.   Hospitals

2.   Ambulatory Centers

3.   Home Healthcare

4.   Others

The United States is prominent in the worldwide cardiac Holter monitors market

United States of America accounted for a significant share of the Cardiac Holter Monitor Market share in 2023 and is expected to remain dominant during the upcoming years. This is attributed to an increase in several chronic disease patients, the surge in demand for Holter ECG monitoring devices, the availability of advanced healthcare facilities with trained medical professionals, the rise in the number of R&D activities coupled with significant presence of key players, and surge in investment made by governments in the healthcare system. However, China is expected to experience the maximum CAGR during the upcoming years mainly due to a increase in number of hospitals equipped with advanced scanner devices, improvement in healthcare infrastructure, development of the R&D sector, technological advancements, and rise in healthcare reforms in the field of Cardiac Holter Monitor.

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Country – Market Breakup from 23 Viewpoints:

1.    North America

1.1    United States

1.2    Canada

2.    Latin America

2.1    Argentina

2.2    Brazil

2.3    Mexico

2.4    Colombia

3.    Europe

3.1    Germany

3.2    United Kingdom

3.3    France

3.4    Italy

3.5    Netherlands

3.6    Spain

4.    Asia Pacific

4.1    China

4.2    South Korea

4.3    japan

4.4    India

4.5    Indonesia

4.6    Malaysia

4.7    Australia

5.    Middle East & Africa

5.1    Saudi Arabia

5.2    UAE

5.3    Israel

5.4    South Africa

Key Player

Prominent global cardiac Holter monitor market entities include General Electric, NIHON KOHDEN, Hill-Rom Company, OSI Systems, Boston Scientific, Koninklijke Philips N.V., and Medtronic Plc.

The company has been covered from 3 Viewpoints:

•    Overview

•    Recent Developments

•    Revenue

Company Analysis:

1.    General Electric


3.    Hill-Rom Company, Inc

4.    OSI Systems, Inc.

5.    Boston Scientific

6.    Koninklijke Philips N.V.

7.    Medtronic Plc.

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